Meet Our Contributors!

Jim Ambrose (Missoula) is a Worker Bee at The Interface Project. The Interface Project gathers personal stories of people living with an intersex condition or difference of sex development (DSD) to spread the message “No Body Is Shameful.”™

Caitlin Copple is the Montana Regional Development Organizer for the Pride Foundation. She works to inspire a culture of philanthropy to connect and strengthen organizations, scholars and leaders to build Montana’s LGBTQ equality movement.

The Mind Alive (Billings) Just your typical mid-20’s guy surfing through life gathering all the knowledge and experience that I can. Life is full of beauty and I am fascinated every day by those around me, nature, and almost everything else. I hope to bring something to the table with my occasional writings… there is just too much going on in this head of mine and I must get some of it out.

Montana RiverRat survives on a few things: Montana Summers, Montana Beer and Montana Politics. RiverRat will blog about state and local politics and campaigns, with an occasional hint of pop-culture thrown in for good measure.

Timber Venard (Billings)  is “just a light-hearted chap with an opinion”. Most often tongue in cheek, but occasionally serious! Check out his other blog at 

Bobbie Zenker (Helena) is the author of the book, TransMontana: A Memoir of Transformation in Body, Mind & Spirit.
TransMontana is the story of transition from a male, popularly elected public official to modern, professional woman. Robert Zenker was a married man and father of two, boxed in the psychologically complicated, emotionally taut web of secrecy, shame, fear, doubt and ambiguity of self of a transsexual deeply in denial. Roberta inhabited that body and all the accoutrements of the life of a man in Montana for nearly fifty years before her transition from man to woman in 2007.
The remarkable story of her emerging from her box is a complex, courageous and sometimes dangerous journey involving not only physical transition, but also alcohol recovery and the result of both – a spiritual transformation. Bobbie is now a beloved daughter and supportive friend to many women.

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