Seatown, Here I come!

Time to leave the Estate behind and journey back to the Sound for labs and a pulmonary check up. I’ll be there from Saturday till next Thursday noon- if you want to get together, give me a ring!

It’s never just HIV

For people with HIV, medical care is about knowledge, self-advocacy and creating a meaningful relationship with your medical provider. We have to know our risks, talk to our doctors and do some work. People who are not practicing safe sex also need to know it’s not just about HIV- there are increased risks of disease across the board if a person has HIV.

An excellent reminder from Sean Strub’s blog at

When you get HIV, it’s never just HIV. You’re at a higher risk for dozens of diseases even if you take medications, diseases like osteoporosis, dementia, and anal cancer.

There are a lot of issues to be aware of if you or someone you love is HIV+.  Do yourself and/or your HIV+ friends a favor and go to Sean’s blog and read the post.


Ten Becomes Eleven

A slide show of images
with flashes of faces,
glimpses, varietal vistas
I love and not love, yet.

With sounds and tastes and
scents to complement rain,
snow and sunshine, grass,
flowers and falling leaves.

The highway between
home and Sound, palm trees,
pride, babysitting and dogs,
airports, books and a dream.

The family- biological and
accidental, chosen and
necessary, met, unmet,
imagined and realized, all here.

Joints and hands, hair,
fingers and skin, eyes
and ears- older, wiser
maybe, complain anyway.

And handful of pills-
all different colors, shapes,
do their thing inside
and life, grateful, continues.

The houses, the faces,
funerals, weddings, hospitals,
parties, debates, lonely quiet,
advance, retreat and sleep.

Love as puppy breath,
too-early mornings with
him and them, us, all of us,
at home- anywhere we are.

~D Gregory Smith