Sip 4 Pride at Yellowstone Cellars to Feature ‘TransMontana’ Reading‏

Annual TAP 365 event features Montana’s first openly transgender attorney and author

The new grassroots advocacy group TAP 365 will partner with the YMCA Writer’s Voice for SIP 4 PRIDE: A Meet & Greet with Montana author Bobbie Zenker. The free event will held from 6 – 8 PM, Thursday, December 6, at the Yellowstone Cellars Winery, 1335 Holiday Circle, in Billings.

Bobbie Zenker is the author of the new book, TransMontana: a Memoir of Transformation of Body, Mind & Spirit. TransMontana is the story of Montana hunter and former county attorney Robert Zenker’s transition from a male, popularly elected official to modern, professional woman. She will read from and discuss her book, and sign copies available for purchase.

Robert Zenker was a married man and father of two, boxed in the psychologically complicated, emotionally taut web of secrecy, shame, fear, doubt and ambiguity of self of a transsexual deeply in denial. Roberta inhabited that body and all the accoutrement of the life of a man in Montana for nearly 50 years before her transition from man to woman in 2007.

The remarkable story charts a complex, courageous and sometimes dangerous journey involving not only physical transition, but also alcohol recovery and the result of both – a spiritual transformation. Bobbie is now a beloved daughter, LGBTQ activist, and a supportive friend to many women.

Tap 365 is a grassroots, non-profit organization, campaigning to unite the diverse communities of Montana, creating strong social ties that oppose discrimination and promote acceptance. The mission is to create a sense of place and connection, fusing together all people, regardless of their differences. TAP 365’s “4 PRIDE” Event Series engage the greater Yellowstone region in issues of critical to their mission. Join TAP 365 and learn about their work in the Billings area on LGBT issues.

Founded in 1985, Pride Foundation inspires a culture of generosity to connect and strengthen leaders, students and organizations creating LGBTQ equality in the Northwest.


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  1. sapphospeaks says:

    Yay for Bobbie! I met her at the 2011 Montana Pride. She is such an inspiration and so sweet, too.


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