Disease and Dad

From my friend Mark S King over at My Fabulous Disease comes this gem:

The descriptions of his decline, in whispered calls from back home, had a dreadfully familiar feel to them. Weight loss at a frightful pace. Losing interest in the world. Suddenly looking very old indeed. Most gay men of a certain age have heard those words, have seen the patient, have buried the friend. This case was different, though. It wasn’t AIDS, it was cancer.

And the patient was Dad.

Dad and Mark

The disease had swept rapidly through my father since his initial diagnosis. The inevitable was approaching, but the territory was completely unfamiliar to my family, who hadn’t seen a death in more than 30 years. They were about to get a tour through hell. I have traveled it many times.

Amazing take- especially since losing my own mom in April….
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Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Rapid HIV Progression

From AIDSMeds.com:

HIV-positive people with very low vitamin D levels were more likely to develop AIDS and to die than people with higher vitamin D levels, according to a study published online January 25 in the journal AIDS.

Low vitamin D levels have been found in numerous studies in HIV-negative people to be associated with serious illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and kidney failure. What’s more, a number of recent studies have found that the proportion of people with HIV who have low vitamin D levels is quite high, with fewer than a quarter in some studies having ideal levels.

…and so it’s always a good idea to have your Vitamin D level checked regularly with your doctor, whether you’re HIV+ or not. More on Vitamin D can be found here.

And  read the full story from AIDSMeds.com here.