A preview of Building Wisdom:

Fear is simply what happens when I think I’m going to get something I don’t want.

The operative word in that sentence is “think”.

I did not say “know” because that would be impossible.

Seriously. Impossible.

We can never know for sure what the future will bring. The mind games we play when we try to forecast, foretell or foresee the unforeseeable only bring frustration, anxiety and stress.

And that is insanity.

I can never know exactly what is coming. I may have a good idea, but sometimes even holding on to that idea can cause a great deal of suffering- even if only because of shattered expectations.

Fear is always about the future.

That means the only way out of fear is to live in the present.

And reminding myself that it’s often my thinking that creates fear out of nothing- and that the habit of fear is contagious.


Today I will notice the habits I have that create fear-

Suspicion and mistrust of others,

suspicion and mistrust of myself.

I will recognize that when I leave the present moment,

I leave myself open to fear and anxiety.

It is time to live in this moment-

a place that is always safe.