Comments About My Work

“D. Gregory Smith is pretty much what the Internets were created for (by Fat Al Gore, who is Fat.)  Smith gives us information, peace and insight.  If you haven’t already, this is a guy who must be blogrolled.”
~Left In The West

“ You are, perhaps, the most universally loved guest speaker I have had in 20 years of university teaching.  Not one person had an even remotely negative thing to say, and that hardly ever happens.  Most of the students talked about your honesty, your forthrightness, your openness and your kindness.  Okay, so eventually I had to break the ice and say, “hey all of that stuff about Greg’s personality is great, but it is a little one sided.  Didn’t you think he was a beautiful specimen of a man as well as being smart and funny and insightful?”  Oh yeah – I got heavy head nodding on that remark.

The young man who filmed your talk – who is a documentary journalist – said that he rarely saw an audience so attentive.  He also said that he noticed some closed off facial expressions and postures when you first arrived, and that those people just slowly lightened up and became completely absorbed in your talk.

What can I say?  You do such good work.”

Annie Sondag, PhD, CHES
Professor, Health Promotion
Department of Health & Human Performance
The University of Montana – Missoula, MT

One comment on “Comments About My Work

  1. Marie Phillips says:

    Dear Greg,
    You have done a great job as a student in several of my classes. Your confidence as a speaker and actor were outstanding, and I was very proud of you when your high school experiences in speech and drama helped you get the scholarship to Carroll. As I read the many things you have written, I am again flooded with pride to have been part of your early life so I can again be proud of you. As your former English, speech, art teacher, drama coach, play director (Marryin’ Sam, and other roles) and early admirer of your many talents, I congratulate you on the strong, intelligent, and thoughtful person you have become. I am blessed to have known you. Take care of yourself, and if you remember me, please drop me an email. I understand if you feel hesitant to do so–past teachers may not be remembered in a happy light. Just know that you will always have a special place in my heart. Mike and I loved the child you were, and we, of course, love the man you have become.
    Marie Phillips (formerly of Twin Bridges, Montana)


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