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I am a mental health therapist working in Seattle, Washington and Bozeman, Montana.



3 comments on “To Contact Me:

  1. George Grassby says:

    Just found your article on HIV/Meds on Bilerico, then read your bio.
    Mirabile Dictu I thought, gotta pass this on to Ken: same boat, different diocese, in this case, archd, home of the pedophile scandal and his LAW-lessness, Bernie of un-happy memory. We ran out of mill stones.

    I know a believer ought not be scandalized (Original Sin and all that), a bit surprised I suppose but at this point in my life I am disappointed with most churches and have no desire to become something else. All I can hope is to see God in the goodness of others but am not doing too well with that either.

    You do offer a glimmer of hope so I will continue to read your jottings. Maybe I will go back to Montana some day and meet you but probably not.
    Ubi caritas et amor ibi deus est they sing but I do wonder.

    Merton wrote “God, show me the way..” but I seem to have gotten lost.



  2. Michael Hermes NAC '91 says:

    Really good to see you/read you on the blog. I was in Rome with Pat Jerome and he gave me the update. Hope you are doing well. I enjoyed the essay on Sars. I’m still in KCK working in an urban high school.
    Still have the best memories of NAC. Your friendship was key those years.
    Pace e bene. Michael Hermes


  3. Richard Judkins says:

    I happened upon your commentary on the horrific Norway tragedy and will now be reading your blog. I suppose we are fellow travelers of sorts. I am a gay former Catholic who ran afoul of my local bishop (Jaime Soto) and was summarily dismissed as pastoral associate of my parish where I had worked for 12 years. The issue? My sexual orientation. I don’t feel like trying to tread the waters of Catholicism, much less keeping my head above them. I will instead stand on the edge and dip a toe in them from time-to-time. Thank you very much for writing.


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