About Me

I’m a small-town boy with international experience.

Smart, silly, witty, irreverent, spiritual, gay, happy, curious, satisfied, creative, organized and unpredictable.

In Ireland, 2007

In Ireland, 2007

I grew up in Twin Bridges, Montana. It was a great place to grow up- because it taught me the value of reading, hard work and dreaming of far-off places. I went to Japan as an exchange student at 15 which started my love of everything Japanese and began my fascination with multiculturalism. I attended Carroll College in Helena, Montana studying Theology, Communications, Philosophy and Psychology (I was driven). I then was sent to The North American college in Rome, a seminary, to become a priest. This I did. I was in Rome for 5 years and got my first Master’s in Foundational Theology. I then spent the next 7 years in Helena, MT at the Cathedral, teaching at Carroll College and finally, for a little less than a year, having my own parish in the Helena Valley.

I left active ministry in 1997 and moved to Seattle. I went to bartending school on a whim- because I liked people, but then realized I hated drunks. I then landed a job in a credit union (medical and dental seemed important). To process my life more helpfully, I went through 2 years of often weekly therapy with a fantastic man who really helped me create my life anew, and the idea of being a therapist came from that work we did together. I concurrently went to grad school at Seattle U (the bill will still be due well after I’m dead) and attended the Gestalt Institute of Seattle to become a certified Gestalt therapist. I actually began working as a mental health therapist at Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities as an intern and stayed on for four more years. Probably the best company job I’ve ever had in my life.

I have had several failed relationships, many successful ones, and have always had a wonderful core of family and friends to support me. My understanding of the universe has evolved from dogmatic to spiritual, from controlling to non-resistance….

As a result of illness and circumstance, I move back and forth between Seattle and Montana. In Montana, I stayed in Butte, taking care of my dear friend Fr OSullivan. I needed a place to be and he needed the help- 85 years old, congestive heart failure and fibrosis of the lungs and the closest thing to a Grandfather I have. He died April 24th, 2010, and I am now working at taking care of the estate (there’s a lot to do). I facilitate two HIV+ support groups, tell my story before schools and groups, do trainings and presentations (see Speaking Gigs), am active with the MT Gay Men’s Task force and am a member of the State of Montana Community Planning Group for the Prevention of HIV. I love to write, and so I do most of that here on this blog, sometimes submitting stories to the Bilerico Project (linked on my blogroll). In Seattle, I officially live in Wedgwood, but spend most of my time on Capitol Hill, both at work and at play- oh and at medical appointments….

I have found the partner of my heart (how we met is a great story, ask me to tell you sometime), I do work that’s satisfying and useful. I am happy, pragmatic, curious, satisfied and looking forward to whatever happens next….Me.

11 comments on “About Me

  1. Doug Sousa says:

    Wow, Greg. Thanks for sharing your blog. I feel sad that all this time has gone by without our speaking. Your writing is beautiful. Look forward to getting back in touch. Doug


  2. Regan DuCasse says:

    Hello, my good man.
    I just wanted to drop a line to you and get to know you. I’m Regan DuCasse, sometimes I leave a comment or two. It was my friend Patricia Nell Warren that directed me to Bil Browning. They’ve asked me to contribute articles, but I haven’t had the time.
    I have a strange life right now. I’m a former dancer who is working with the LAPD as a crime scene photographer and I also work for police television shows and film as a sketch artist.
    And, I’m a writer. Articles published, a play produced for the NYFringe and one in pre,pre,pre production for Playwright’s Horizons. Probably won’t see that happen until 2011, but I’m patient.

    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your posts and I’m learning so much every day. I have several friends living with HIV. We relate on so many levels. I have systemic lupus and there is a lot that is similar in what we struggle with.
    I’m interested in your neck of America. I always want to hear from folks in all the different areas, especially if they are members of the LGBT and getting a take on the socio/political atmosphere.
    I live in Studio City, CA so holla!
    Love, R.


  3. Ken O'Neill says:

    So nice to (virtually) meet you. Look forward to reading your posts.



  4. Albert Hidalgo says:

    Love your work!
    I would like to get regular emails of your writings.


    • Thank you, Albert! Always happy to bring a smile or a thought… You can subscribe by clicking on the subscription link on the right side- about halfway down… D Gregory Smith, MA_ Whoever can see through fear will always be safe. -Tao te Ching


  5. Mike Helser says:

    Hi Greg,
    I was thinking of my good childhood Greg today and looked on line to find him. I’m not sure if you are him, but if you are, hello.
    I used to live in Seattle and my neighbors were the Williams (Greg’s relatives) up the street. If this is you, it would be great to say hi again. If not, my apologies.
    Mike Helser


  6. Rick Gaylor says:

    Hello Greg
    After reading your life story, it seems i read “some” of my own. Raised a sturdy christian, knew at age 5 that I was “different” but ended up going to seminary in the 1980s, got married and had 4 wonderful children, pleased my family and served the “baptistic” side of the church. But, just was miserable. Not able to be myself and living the christian dream to make everyone else smile was degrading. My gayness was discovered in 1998 while serving as assoc pastor in a Southern Baptist congregation in Pennsylvania, my home state, outed, humiliated, made the abomination of God, and finally leaving the work altogether. I ended up in nursing and found that i could serve my inner god consiousness in serving others. Still a nurse, i regained my faith over the last 12 years of absolute agonizing search in the Ecumencal Catholic Communion Church. It allows me to be the person i was created to be and yet permits my greater search of god. I have found comfort in other faith such as Buddhism and Hinduism seeing familiar teachings. I appreciate your “story” and honest search to serve others. You have touched me and I genuinely appreciate this. I am still learning how to “re-trust” people after years of living in fear of truth and honesty. I have since come out in 2007 with support of my 4 children and slowly my family. Yet, the pain and anguish of the years lost will always be my struggle. Thanks for your life story and your therapeutic words of comfort. I am grateful. I look forward to reading your blog.
    Rick G.


  7. Skip Godfrey says:

    Hi Greg – I am SO sorry I didn’t make the Prayer Service last night – my partner Tim and I have both had miserable colds, with all the extras, for about 3 weeks. Kathy Brayko emailed me the link to your Website – your Homily is a joy to read, and something that should be read over and over. I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Benefit Saturday night and hearing Greg Lougainis speak also. I’m taking Greg to the airport Sunday morning so we’ll have a little time for a nice one-on-one chat also.


    Skip Godfrey


  8. Deloris says:

    After I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked on the -Notify me when
    new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I get four emails with the exact
    same comment. Is there a way you are able to remove me from
    that service? Thanks!


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