What gives?

It seems as if the world has gone mad. All I’m hearing is fear and strategizing and “Dow Jones Industrial Average” and “Bailout” and “Loss”. I can’t escape it, at least if I pay attention to the media. Everyone’s scrambling to hold on to everything they can and it seems that our culture is supporting this- promoting stinginess, promoting holding on tight to what little anybody might have left.

I have another take.

I believe in giving, even when it’s difficult. It doesn’t have to be money, it doesn’t even have to be hard. It just has to be done, and fearlessly. I can’t think of a single major religious tradition that doesn’t support this. Call it Karma, call it Grace, call it Walter, it doesn’t matter. We all would do well to remember that there are still people out there who can benefit from our giving- even when money’s tight. As we enter into the uncertainty of an economy born of greed and selfishness, it makes no sense to give in to fear and greed and selfishness. If we do that, we will simply continue the cycle.

To me, it makes much more sense to become bold, remember our common humanity, remember that hope is within our power to give, to receive and to kindle, and look fear in the face and laugh. If we can put our own concerns in context and see the others who may be in worse straits, then we will have succeeded.

To me, it makes absolutely no sense to give in to the madness. Who wants to be insane?