Friday the 13th

I actually forgot that this was the sinister day until reminded by my friend Ryan’s horror-themed Facebook posts (Jason, hockey mask, etc). I wondered about the residual dread that still seems to dog our culture, either superstitiously, politically, economically, psychologically or spiritually.
Or maybe they are all the same….
Some behavioral psychologists have claimed that superstitions are simply ways to avoid taking possible personal responsibility for bad outcomes.
Some religious historians have claimed that superstitions flourished in cultures that were punitive and within which, religious authorities held too much power over a large, fearful lower class (think the Middle Ages or the Salem Witch trials)
Whatever the case, it’s obviously linked to forces beyond the control of the ordinary human, usually ascribed to God or gods. These Deities can seem very capricious and even cruel in their messing about in human fortune- that is until science, reason or simple awareness provides a less Divine explanation….
Got me wondering, “What do I use to avoid taking responsibility for my own involvement in my life/relationships/country/world…?”