Halloween Diversity

I’m sitting here in Butte, Montana in a former rectory in an uptown neighborhood handing out candy, and I am absolutely struck by the utter lack of concern on the part of pre-pubescent trick or treaters with conformity. I had a gorilla holding hands with a ballerina, a couple of little Darth Vaders (also holding hands for safety), a slew of lightsabered Jedi, clowns, scarecrows, cats, witches, wizards, firemen, cowboys- a lot of cowboys, devils, angels, a puppy, a nun, assorted monsters, a genie and, my personal favorite- a bearded miner complete with a pick and a lunch bucket.
They were polite, considerate of each other and respectful. They delighted in each others company, playfully kidded each other(“He’s a lawn gnome,””I AM NOT! I’m a WIZARD!”). Charmed and delighted, I found myself handing out much more candy than I had intended, making it necessary to turn off the porch light much earlier than the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. Oh well.
Call me an optimist, hopeless romantic or just a stooge.
I don’t care.
Those kids made me happy.