Christmas- The Climax Rather Than The Beginning

Somewhat near the beginning of Christian tradition, a date was set for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, a time in the Northern Hemisphere when the light begins to grow stronger and darkness grows less. It was a beginning, not the end.

Today Christmas is more like the climax of a novel- or a romance. Enormous buildup to the day, and then after, …well, not much.

It wasn’t always like that. Advent was intended to be a time of prayer and reflection, and Christmas was just the first of the Twelve Days of the Christmas Season which ended with the Epiphany on January 6th. It’s still formally like that in the mainline Christian churches, but consumerism and short attention spans make that an exception to the practice.

It’s a little weird, but it makes me wonder if human beings are better at working toward a climax than starting a movement. But maybe we don’t have to be.

I wonder if that’s what Jesus was trying to tell us.

3 comments on “Christmas- The Climax Rather Than The Beginning

  1. kenken says:

    I wish I felt better about the holiday, I can place some blame on consumerism, some on experiences I’d rather forget. Someday the anxiety and dread will pass…right?


  2. Right. Especially when we can spend the whole thing together….


  3. Molly Croft says:

    You have hit the nail on the head. Every year I struggle with the gifts and Santa for my kids and keeping the secular traditions alive for them as well as my own memories, but striking the balance with the true meaning. I take a name or more off the tree, purchase gifts for them, donate more, discuss Jesus’ birthday, but in the end, by the 26th, I want that tree down, my house to get back in order and things to start to progress toward the next thing. I think I might be more of a finish line kind of gal vs a starting line person with no clear end in sight. How embarrassing. Your posting renews my resolve to be more prayerful and reflective. Thank you!


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