Greg and Jonathan’s Crate and Barrel Wedding

No, I’m not getting married- another Greg is marrying Jonathan, and they’re finalists in Crate and Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest-

“Boy meets boy, boy falls for boy, and boys get engaged. The pure existence of our love is not always accepted. We had to deal with hatred from outsiders and support one another in recovery. Our love story involves the evolution of the meaning of love and the perseverance that allowed two people such as us to openly experience happiness. We knew that we were right for each other from the start, we knew that we would always be by one another’s sides and that as best friends we could truly experience our love openly.”

Who couldn’t support that? Sigh….  Vote for them here. I did…

One comment on “Greg and Jonathan’s Crate and Barrel Wedding

  1. Richard W. Fitch says:

    Greg and Jon are two people you just gotta love; but more than that, they are two people – one couple – who we need to respect. They are putting themselves into the action on several LGBT issues -DADT, Marriage Equality, ENDA to name a few. Give them your support with a vote and also with continued encouragement for the success of their endeavors.


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