Never Enough Time

Arrived in Seatown on Thursday after every kind of weather on the way: sunshine, rain, snow, heavy winds, tumbleweeds, hail- I was half expecting locusts at North Bend. Chains required on Snoqualmie and guess who forgot his gloves?

Medical tests done, medicine grabbed, some friends visited, seafood eaten, Trader Joe’s ransacked. Now all I have to do is see some more people that I love today, then back to MT tomorrow. I feel rushed- but I’m doing pretty well at organizing my time- it’s not like I’m going to run out….

Ken’s coming in today- hopefully. He missed the first flight (he’s on standby) and (please God) will get the next one and be here before noon. I miss him, and am looking forward to his meeting a few more of my people and spending all day in the car with him tomorrow. Crazy, you say?

Oh, yes.

One comment on “Never Enough Time

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    May I say how pleased I am that Ken is part of your life? I adore him, little as I know him, and I refer to him as my bro-lo – as I do you (short for brother in law) Ken. Glad you have someone that means the world to you. Wasn’t it the Beatles who sang ‘All You Need is Love’? So true. Very sorry about Sars. I know how important a figure he was in your life for these many years. Kelly


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