All You Need Is Blood

It’s been a wild week, what with returning from Seattle with Ken, getting a Kindle (LOVE IT- I’ve named her Debbie); dealing with assorted elderly issues with Sars- like nosebleeds from the oxygen hose resulting in another emergency room visit, too weak to get to the toilet on time resulting in the nearly surgical use of gloves, bleach and scrub brushes, etc.; spending more car time to get to the Bozeman Men’s Process Group at Bridger Clinic (Awesome!); and trying to see clients and meditate and exercise and spend some time outside- you get the idea.

Despite all the wonderful and challenging things that have made up my week, I’ve been preoccupied.

My blood tests all came back from Group Health, and my leukocytes and neutrophils (Types of white blood cells) have been climbing steadily since October. We’re not sure that that means- it could be any number of things, so I’m trying not to go there until I have more info. The point is, Ken and I will be going to Spokane on Friday to have more blood drawn to see what can be seen. More car time with my feller- Yay! And more information forthcoming- I hope.

This is the first time that something’s really been unusual in my testing since the HIV diagnosis, and I am trying to be realistic and optimistic and yet… I guess I know that I need to breathe and just  love whatever it is, but for some reason, right now that seems hard. Later today or tomorrow it might not be, but right now-

Anyway, whatever is going on, I’m promising myself to deal with it as gracefully as I can.

I’m counting on you all to hold me to it.

4 comments on “All You Need Is Blood

  1. gg says:

    No wonder you’re in trouble. Your mantle photo does not have the
    Bambino di Praga. You Calvinist!



  2. gg, that’s the top of my desk… 🙂


  3. tony Adams says:

    Please keep me posted on how/what you are doing. Wishing you well, as we prep for the roll-out of Catholics4Equality.


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