In The News

Sars’ obituary is up- took me forever to write it, but I think it worked well. You can find it here.

The Montana Standard also did a more in-depth community piece here. Yeah, that’s me in the middle-almost 20 years ago!

As for me, I’m doin’ alright. I’ve slept a bit, have a relatively easy day- my “type A” came out yesterday and got almost everything done, so I’m off for a run, then a haircut and off to Bozeman tonight for Ken and Men’s Group.

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts of support and love. they are deeply appreciated.


2 comments on “In The News

  1. All the busy-ness helps us get through the numbness. Give yourself time to mourn.


  2. George says:

    DG, what a great obit! Here in New England, obits are called the Irish Sporting Pages…to be read while having first coffee.

    What a person to have as a friend and mentor! And probably a pain in the ass on occasion, but we love ’em just the same. Consider yourself privileged to have known him.



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