Dead Air

Sorry for the lack of posts- I decided to take a few days away from computer, phone and my house. I was in Seattle for a week- last Wednesday to Tuesday. Ken joined me Friday. I didn’t check my email, facebook or, in fact, go online at all for 5 days. I worked on a poem, visited friends,  had a wonderful dinner out with my “family”, attended some Seattle Pride events, a great house barbecue where I made a wonderful new friend (HI MaryEllen!). In short, I just relaxed.

And I feel good.

If you’ve never taken an internet vacation, I’d highly recommend it. I’m deeply grateful that so many of you want to read what I write. I’m just glad I don’t feel bound or hindered by it. This site was created to be a fun, educational, insightful and helpful forum- with a healthy dose of perspective- from author and readers- thrown in. And so it is, still. Just another reason to not give in to the constant need for drama which can be addictive and anxiety-provoking.

The world will not go away. We, however, can for a time.