Montana Cowgirl has had a bit of a shitstorm over a man-purse reference involving candidate Roy Brown.

I’ve had a lot of correspondence with Cowgirl over the past few months, and I think she gets it- she’s expressed a willingness to be educated AND expressed remorse at her regrettable comment. Cowgirl has never presented herself as anything other than an ally in the struggle for LGBT Montanan’s rights. She’s entitled to a little tongue-in-cheek humor as far as I’m concerned- and I’m not naive enough to believe that everybody or even anybody agrees with me.

Pseudonymous commentary is almost as old as writing itself. It has it’s place. She’s not doing her job the way I would do it, but there’s got to be room for her here. It takes all kinds doing their jobs (as they see them) the best they can- and I believe it’s my job to try first to educate rather than picking up the “Offended” stick and responding in outrage.

There are a lot of us out there, great people who are passionate about the same issues- activists, bloggers, reporters, letter writers, commenters, etc. We won’t always agree, but we all deserve to be heard and, conversely, to try and respectfully hear each other. that means taking responsibility for our words and actively working to educate each other about the power of some of those words.

It’s not a perfect system, but we can make it better by first calmly pointing out rather than screaming in outrage- unless of course, the calm pointing is continually or habitually ignored….

Then it’s on.

3 comments on “Cowgirlgate

  1. Wulfgar says:


    I’m tired, man. I’m tired of trying to be the voice of reason here. I’m tired of trying to get people to look at the facts. I’m tired of trying to keep up with a discussion going on in 12 different places. If you tell me that I bit off more than I could chew, I’d tell you that you’re right. If you tell me that I just introduced a bit of chaos into what I hoped would a serene environment, I’ll say ‘mea culpa’. I’m tired, man.

    I truly don’t think that Cowgirl understood that there are those who have a zero tolerance policy for gender bigotry. She’s not a wrong person in that. She’s actually rather normal. That’s why I pointed her towards Shakesville, and hope that she continues reading it. But the last 24 hours have gone well beyond that. This has become a witch hunt, a flood of very focused anger. (And I remain convinced that we wouldn’t be seeing this if she were “Montana Cowboy”.)

    This shitstorm has left concern for respect well in the dust of it’s passing. It’s all about “Who Is Cowgirl”, at this point. To the degree I can, I will keep fighting for the truth of it all.

    Sorry for dumping on you. This just seemed like a safer place.

    I’m tired, man.


    • I don’t blame you, dude.
      Those blessed with a heightened sense of social awareness are always compelled to follow the hard path. And I think you’re right about the “cowboy” question….
      Feel free to dump- it’s no problem.
      PS, Me, too. Both the ” tired” and “will continue”…


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