A Church Adrift

Peter Steinfels in a thought-provoking piece for Commonweal speaks about the hemorrhaging Catholic Church, the responsibility of the bishops and the reality of social understanding in the pews. He starts out with this:

“In February 2008, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, based on interviews with a representative sample of thirty-five thousand adult Americans, reported that one out of every three adult Americans who were raised Catholic have left the church. If these ex-Catholics were to form a single church, they would constitute the second largest church in the nation.” (emphasis mine)

Definitely worth a read- and don’t skip the comments! (Thanks Cheryl!)

2 comments on “A Church Adrift

  1. cosmicgarden says:

    The comments were interesting too.


  2. gg says:

    The ex-cathedra gang sees hubris in the same light as filioque: one of those strange things out of Byzantium that give indigestion….like too much baklava or Ouzo.



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