Keep Going

For my buddies who may be discouraged by the seemingly uphill battle against ignorance, hate and violence:

“Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged (people) who kept on working.”
~Author Unknown

Keep going. You’re not alone.

One comment on “Keep Going

  1. gg says:

    Wellll, as is my demented want, I am prone to say to the cretinous teabaggers, cocoa crackpots and other assholes (a non-sexist term since even Ms Sarah has one -with lipstick -): don’t fuck with a taurus faggot since we get a tad testy when irked. I have been chased by a gang of thugs waving tire irons, screaming: “You’re gonna die faggot!” But I could run faster and was not drunk, so I survived and use the term as a badge. If you’re offended, tough. I was the one chased. And I am tired of all these s.o.b. bigots, unchristian clergy and will stand and fight. A pissed off taurus is not a pretty sight and that’s my contribution to THOUGHFORTHEDAY.



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