“Be Your Best Self”

Greg squared

The Yellowstone AIDS Project fundraiser last night was great. The auction items were cool; the people were great; Greg Louganis recounted his path from 3 year-old dancer to Olympic champion to humanitarian and coach. Loved being part of it all to help raise money for a very worthy cause.

This was my favorite quote of the evening:

“Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s life better- even if you never know it. Just be your best self- it can change the world.”

I’ve gotten to know this guy a bit, and I am happy to say, he’s the real deal. His heart is large, his desire to make the world better is real, and his kindness and generosity made me (humbly) glad to be able to spend some time with him- and share the experience of my friend with the people here in Montana.

They got to know a man who worked hard to achieve his goals with such determination and drive that made me wonder if he was human. That wonder was quelled by the warmth and kindness he showed to me and my friends- and the humor, dedication and insight he shared during his presentation. His openness about being HIV-positive and gay and, (gasp), Californian, were inspiring. The casual comfort with which he presented himself and his life reminded me to not take myself too seriously- even though I’m not at all in his league.

Maybe that’s what everyone else who shared that night was thinking- and I guess that just proves my point.

Thanks, Greg- mission accomplished.

Oh, and thanks for eating my tuna sandwiches….

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  1. Skip Godfrey says:

    Greg – I just found out last night that the Fundraiser topped all prior ones by a large margin . . . what a Blessing ! I’m sure Greg reads post on your website – Greg, we can never thank you enough ! ! ! It’s a double Blessing when an event is a whole lot of fun, PLUS it’s hugely successful ! ! !

    Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year to All ! ! !

    Skip Godfrey


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