We’re Going To Be Daddies!

Meet Phyllis.

She’s a Chihuahua/Corgi cross (officially, they’re called Chigis, but I’m going with Corhuahua). She was abandoned, and our boys Clint and Scott took her in until they could find her a good home.

All they had to do was show Ken her picture at the Y.A.P. dinner last weekend…. (I said “No” at first, but I kinda knew it was a done deal) and a few days later we were in.

Isn’t that the cutest face you’ve ever seen?

This will be my first puppy since Albert, so it’s kind of a big deal for me, but the thought of some company in my big house makes me feel really good. I’m ready- and I’m sure Bandit will love her.

She’s coming from Billings on Thursday and we’re very excited- stay tuned!

3 comments on “We’re Going To Be Daddies!

  1. Skip Godfrey says:

    Hi Greg – if Phyllis isn’t just terminally cute, then terminally cute doesn’t exist . . . and those EARS ! ! ! Great news.

    Regarding Albert – I’ve been there several times. It never gets easier but that’s good – it should never be easy. If it is, there’s something sorely missing !

    Merry Christmas.



  2. JCF says:

    I know another Chihuahua/Corgi mix: a boy named Diesel! (So named, cuz he chug-chug-chugs, low to the ground ;-/)


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