Meth To The Madness

Edge New England has a great 2-part article on crystal meth and the gay community, highlighting work by Project Neon in Seattle and my friend Arnold Martin. I wish the author had spent more time talking about prevention, but on the whole, very informative.


Warning: pictures in the story may be triggers for former meth users.

They didn’t back-link the parts, so Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

2 comments on “Meth To The Madness

  1. Mark S. King says:

    The article caught my eye and I almost clicked until I saw your warning that the article contained triggering images. I’m thankful you said that, because explicit images of using are triggering/upsetting to me, and damn, I’m glad I have the good sense and strength today NOT to click anyway.

    Years ago I participated in a documentary on crystal meth and gay men, Meth, which was on the gay film circuit for a while and is quite powerful. But I had to leave the screening or get scraped off the ceiling when it was over. A great film for providers (or people still using who think they don’t have a problem), but people in recovery, not so much.

    Hey I like that logo, though. Is that Project Neon’s? Now I’m scared to click anything in your posting to find out. LOL



    • Yeah, it can be a pretty easily triggered nest of shit, can’t it?
      I’m glad you took the warning seriously. I’ve been off it for what? 5+ years now. Wow. I seem to have just sloughed it off like a bad skin, which is a blessing, but I don’t EVER forget the people who still have some issues. I’m glad we made it, Mark, and I’m glad to know you- you inspire me.

      And the logo- just a random internet search. But I really, REALLY like it.
      Peace my brother,


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