Focus On The Family: Stop Lying!

Kathy at CanyonWalker Connections does a great job of exposing Focus On The Family‘s lies. Excerpt:

My team is looking stupid.  I’d like to think I live my life with genuine concern and grace towards others.  Then, some person or group wears the same team jersey comes along and treats people badly, messing up all the traction. Christians can be amongst the kindest, most loving, giving and forgiving people and then, well, you know. We can also be the meanest, most hateful people when we think that  you have it wrong and we have it right.

This is a great piece- especially if you’re unsure how to respond to the Christianist Agenda.  Read it all here.

One comment on “Focus On The Family: Stop Lying!

  1. Ted Hayes says:

    Fundamentalists have learned well that, “The more sensational a falsehood is about [those of us who are different], the more it will be repeated, and the more it’s repeated, the less it matters whether or not it’s true.”


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