Same Sex Sunday 4/10/11

#SSS NOM bus tour organizer defects, queer population 3.5 million, queer the taxes

Apr 10th, 2011 by Phil Reese at samesexsunday

Tech problems couldn’t get us down this week at SameSexSunday.

We just had too much to talk about to give up, so even when we lost almost all of our round table participants, we knew “the show must go on.” Lavi Soloway of Masliah and Soloway and the Stop the Deportations Project, was the only round table participant to not be lost to technical difficulties, however, Lavi was able to hold his own alone with Joe and myself.

This week, with news about LGBTQ population numbers, gay adoption developments, the National Organization for Marriage’s bus tour organizer switching sides–and Lavi’s area of expertise–the struggle for same-sex binational couples becoming very complicated; we had quite a workload.

Joining us prior to the round table was Executive Director of Basic Rights Oregon Jeana Frazzini to discuss marriage equality efforts in that state. Also, we sit down one-on-one with Executive Director of Equality Florida, Nadine Smith to discuss the “Refuse to Lie” campaign encouraging married same-sex couples to be honest about their marriages when filing taxes this year.

The round table talked quite a smorgasbord of topics, and the technical issues afforded us the opportunity to host a more intimate and detailed round table than in the past. Check it out- Listen link is here.

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Until next time, until we are equal!