Goodbye, Mom

I will be taking some time to be with my family after the sudden, unexpected death of my mother, Sherrie. Obituary in today’s Montana Standard.

Dad and Mom

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5 comments on “Goodbye, Mom

  1. jack says:

    first condolences… but the first thought i had was how much better than the withering living death my now 90 year old mother with alzeimers is enduring, now locked away, because she doesn’t know who she is, just that she is angry. i hope all that needed to be said was said, because that is the best we can hope for. i wish you peace.


  2. gg says:

    In paradisum deducant te Sherrie:



  3. larry kurtz says:

    Dominus vobiscum, Sherrie.


  4. Ted Hayes says:

    Greg, I am so sorry to hear of this death. Be assured my thoughts are with you during this time grief and adjustment.



  5. Jayson says:

    You are in my thoughts, Greg. I hope you find comfort with your family so that you can grieve and celebrate her life.


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