I don’t know how, but I lost a couple of sentences from the last post.

I’ve replaced it, but it should have read:

“…political bigotry and chicanery. And let’s not forget Jamee Greer, Mike Wessler, Niki Zupanic and all the representatives of groups who lobbied for human equality- they get all the abuse, ridicule and sleepless nights, but not enough recognition. Drinks and kidneys for them, too.”


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One comment on “Addendum

  1. gg says:

    Maybe some AA is required with all the boozing before you lose use of the kidneys.
    Or does Matt Talbot work out there in the wilderness? Moderation friends, moderation or at least have a designated driver. Nothing worse than a reformed drunk! Giggle, giggle. Gimme another triple espresso bartender with a side of sugar and frothy milk.
    (The devil made me say it)



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