Same Sex Sunday, 5/1/11

Our newspapers and magazines love making lists and ranking famous people.  We see it every day: from Cosmo to USA Today, lists are it.  One list made a surprising uproar in the LGBT community recently.  Out Magazine’s Power 50 generated a lot of criticism for its clear lack of diversity.  There were few people of color on the list–only two people of Latino heritage–and absolutely no African Americans or trans people.  Is this a comment on Out Magazine, or a comment on our larger society as a whole?

This week we sit down with Out Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Aaron Hicklin, to discuss the list, the backlash, and what this could tell us about opportunities for people of color and trans people in our society as a whole.  We also ask Aaron if there is a way to be more inclusive without destroying the spirit of the list–find out what he says.

Listen here.