Between moving Ken’s stuff, my exam, work, a helluva cold-and shuttling back and forth to Butte for work and moving some of MY stuff (the big move of all my stuff from Butte will come in a few weeks), my days just seem to get too full to spend time writing. Aside: When did “stuff” become synonymous with “belongings”?

I didn’t get on the internet for more than 5 minutes yesterday.

This is temporary, and once we get more settled and I get back into the groove, my schedule will be more regular. Needless to say, you will hear more here soon. Promise.

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2 comments on “Life

  1. gg says:

    offer it up pal.


  2. Tim says:

    This is a great short book I found in the Missoula library. If they don’t have it here you could probably interlibrary loan it.


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