Monday Weirdness 5/6/11

Because you needed to know:

The severed head of the patron saint of genital diseases is off to Los Angeles – after it was sold at a County Meath antiques auction.

Photo Courtesy The Irish Times

An unnamed Californian phone bidder successfully won the head of St Vitalis of Assisi for $5,000.
The bizarre item sold in Duleekis reportedly the head of 14th-century Italian saint who became a hermit in later life after years of promiscuity as a youngster.

Following his death in 1370, the Benedictine monk became known as the patron saint of those suffering from genital disease.

The skull of the saint, enshrined in an antique glass case, had been on display in the hallway of a period mansion in County Louth for many years.

Weird. That’s all I’m going to say- too many things crashing together in my head…
Full story here.

2 comments on “Monday Weirdness 5/6/11

  1. Ted Hayes says:

    Weird coincidence? Imagine person whose head is enshrined having the same name as a hair tonic! Well, weird, anyway.


  2. george grassby says:

    You’ve obviously led a sheltered life DGS. In the martyrolgogy for St Alexis, his vita states he had a running sore and was eventually made another patron of things venereal. A sigh of relief was uttered in paradise when penicillin was invented. In Latin, it’s written in such a delicate manner.

    And don’t forget the prepuce of the baby Jesus that used to be found in the cathedral of Chartres. Guess it went the way of the few heads of John The Baptist and the wand of Moses that were reputedly hiding in Italy. I do not make this up; seek and ye shall indeed find this stuff in various books on relics….to the chagrin of the Catholic League. But on second thought, they probably have reliquaries with even stranger items enshrined.



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