ADAP Waiting List Passes 9,000

As of August 4th – and for the first time ever – the number of people lingering on AIDS Drug Assistance Program wait lists passed 9,000. A total of 9,039 people in 13 states are now unable to access their medications via the programs, which provide drugs to under and un-insured individuals who are not eligible for other programs such as Medicaid. What’s more, Alabama, which already had a wait list, has reduced its program’s formulary, while Illinois, which already had expenditure caps, has lowered its program’s financial eligibility to 300% the Federal Poverty Level. This brings the total number of states that have enacted “cost-containment” measures to eighteen, plus Puerto Rico.

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  1. froggy12 says:

    You expect enlightement and compassion from a nation that looks to Gov Rick Perry as the reincarnation of Jesus? Or is he or Ms Bachmann really the anti-Christ?

    ’tis a puzzlement said that fella from Siam.



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