“You Are Loved”

I’ve written about the importance of Rural Pride Celebrations before- but if you want to see it firsthand, or if you ever wondered what the 2011 Montana Pride Celebration was like- well wonder no more.

Wet Paint Studios beautifully chronicled the event with this amazing piece of film:

From the Wet Paint Studios’ description:

“You Are Loved” is a documentary chronicling Montana Pride- celebrating the diversity of all walks of life.

The documentary explores what it means to be an LGBTQI in Montana, a rural state of not even a million people. The response from the community in Bozeman, MT was overwhelming, and without it, this documentary would not be possible. Enjoy the show!

2 comments on ““You Are Loved”

  1. Ted Hayes says:

    GREAT! Whom would I contact for one of the Bozeman Pride t-shirts? I want to get one to wear in Jack’s memory (Jack Waite, Lewistown, MT, 1913-2009). I would like to have added to the shirt, “In memory of Jack.” Thanks, Ted Hayes


  2. Tom Marsh says:

    They did a great job. Really excited to have them for 2012 as well!

    @Ted … We’d love to have you if you wanted to come. 🙂


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