ADAP Crisis Makes Local News


An excellent story by Jessica Mayrer of the Missoula Independent highlights the National HIV Drug Crisis- and Montana’s link:

Montanans who can’t afford HIV drugs have recourse. The federally funded AIDS Drug Assistance Program provides medicine at no cost. What worries Smith and his clients is the fact that the program isn’t meeting demand. In January, 4,200 people nationally were waiting for entry into ADAP. At the end of August, that number grew to 9,200. ADAP now provides drugs to 107 of Montana’s 532 known HIV-positive patients, according to the state Department of Public Health and Human Services. In Montana, 28 people now await ADAP assistance. That’s up from 21 last year.

Full story here.

And if you haven’t signed the petition to Denny Rehberg, go here.










One comment on “ADAP Crisis Makes Local News

  1. froggy12 says:

    And you expect compassaion from the likes of Kapo KANTOR (aka Eric Cantor, (R) VA) who refuses FEMA $$ for the last hurricane that hit the east coast unless deducted from the general budget? The Torah has remarks for the likes of him, as well as the Gospel for his “Kristhchun” cohorts. Mr Rehberg, if he can clear the fog caused by the likes of Messers J Beam, J Walker et al, toes the GOP line. Only reprobates, pervs, junkies or worse have HIV if you follow TV preachers train of thought. Hypocrisy, thy name is Grand Old Party.

    But I digress lest I become uncharitable or bitter! The Torah states “let not the sun go down with anger in your heart” and of course there’s the old standby “ubi caritas et amor ibi Deus est…”

    I wonder if Josh Ritter could write a song along that thesis??

    Snarkily yours,



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