Hot On The Heels Of Hate: More Hate

Aftter the Harris Himes debacle I thought we might have a cooling off period.

No such luck. From The Southern Poverty Law Center:

A former “staff leader” of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations is threatening to indict members of the Montana Human Rights Network by convening a “citizen grand jury.”

The e-mail threat came from Karl Gharst, a white supremacist who was convicted and sent to prison in 2004 for threatening to kill a child protective services worker in Montana. The new threat was disclosed Thursday by Travis McAdam, director of the Montana human rights organization, who said the matter had been reported to law enforcement.

The threat of “convening so-called citizen grand juries is a tactic that radical-right extremists love to employ,” McAdam said. “They think it makes their lies, threats, and intimidation more valid if they throw in some fake legalese.”

In the Sept. 17 E-mail, Gharst said the Montana Human Rights Network is a “Jewish criminal organization working with other Jewish organized crime networks,” including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

Gharst accused the Montana human rights organization of “entrapping lawful citizens into crimes engineered by the above-mentioned criminal organizations.”

“These organizations are well known to commit crimes against lawful citizens through intimidation, destruction of property, violence and assassination,” Gharst wrote. “These people calling themselves ‘Jews’ are not citizens of the State of Montana in accordance to the Constitution of the State of Montana.

“As a lawful citizen I am giving you proper notice that I am now exercising my duty that I will do all in my power and the power of the State of Montana to see that all MHRN members will stand trial by the lawful citizens of the State of Montana for crimes against the State, and justice returned to lawful citizens.”

McAdam said that while Gharst’s allegations are ludicrous, he considers him potentially dangerous.

…and he should. These words need to be taken for what they are- the rantings of an enraged lunatic on the verge of violence. He uses words like “destruction”, “violence” and “assassination”- which any abnormal psychology textbook will tell you speaks more about the state of mind of the speaker than the object of hate.

Creepy. And there’s even more. 

Read it all here.

And watch your backs.


10 comments on “Hot On The Heels Of Hate: More Hate

  1. True Montana says:

    My parents families homestead
    In Montana. Real Montana people don’t threaten with lawyers. I’m guessing that white trash is a transplant from somewhere else, and as a fourth generation Montana boy, that little man does not speak on my behalf.


  2. April says:

    Not quite a threat, more like a legal notice. But that wont stop the Montana Human Rights Nuts from trying to use it to fear monger and pretend like they are in come sort of danger.

    Truth is the only danger they actually face is to have the public educated about how they operate and how they are just a bunch of con artists, trying to make a buck.

    There is nothing the MHRN can do to stop racially conscious White Americans from moving to Montana. They can piss and moan and use a bullhorn, but they are not all that popular and the locals would rather normal red blooded straight people here than the homosexual freaks the Human Rights Nuts want to march down the middle of small towns all over Montana.

    The hate tactics these faux human rights groups use are going to backfire on them. If you are a Christian reading this remember that these people consider anybody that wants to stop babies from being aborted in the same category they consider us White Nationalists. And they wont stop until they destroy Montana and have it as liberal as California.


    • I don’t know what to say- except that this response is proving exactly my point: hateful people don’t care to make use of reasonable arguments- or commas.
      Oh, and “White Nationalists” is an oxymoron. All the whites in this nation emigrated here. Historical fact.
      Oh, and the “homosexual freaks” have just as much red blood as the “racially conscious white Americans”. Biological fact.
      Oh, and “faux human rights groups” are the ones that exclude any other humans, not the MHRN. Grammatical fact.

      I’m going to stop now before I throw up….


    • Rob Kailey says:

      April, (why am I convinced there should be a “Gaede” after that?),

      I read this comment yesterday, and have been stewing over it since. In deference to the host, I will not bring my well-sharpened battle axe to it. I will, however, point these things out.

      1) Citizen Grand Juries are not, in themselves, a form of legal action. The Law is the law, and if it evidence cannot be presented upfront, no indictment is possible, even from a CGJ. Nothing in the ridiculous threat from a convicted felon carries the weight of “legal action”. Until some evidence is presented, a cause for action, it is just fantasy.

      2) It is also projection. There is vast evidence of violence on the part of White Nationalists (don’t mind the Oxy, it’s just a Moronic title.) The people who have verifiably died at the hands of White Nationalists are a much more compelling exposition of ‘truth’ than any lie you or Gharst will or can offer. ‘Fear mongering’ really isn’t bad when there is a truly compelling reason to be afraid. It’s your folk who have a penchant for violence and denial of rights, not ours or the MHRN.

      3) How can a transplant such as yourself even dream of telling Montanans what we think, and what we support? In case you’ve missed the obvious, every single time the ‘White Might’ folk have attempted to foist their agenda on a Montana community, they have been rejected. Every single time. Billings, Bozeman, Helena, Missoula and even the tiny conservative little town of Manhattan. All have said no to your beliefs. You are a pathetic minority, and you are the ones who are ill-favored.

      Full disclosure, I am an older, straight, happily married and hard working white guy. I am your target demographic, April. I’ve also been a Montanan for 40 years. I believe, as most in this state do, that I don’t really care about the color of someone’s skin, what rituals they perform on the weekend or what they do in the privacy of their own damned homes. I expect others to afford me the same courtesy. That’s why I support the MHRN, and don’t support your false brand of “rights”. The MHRN aren’t the ones wanting to peep into my windows at night. The MHRN aren’t the ones telling me what book I should support as the one true Gospel. The MHRN aren’t the ones judging me because I have a really good dark tan. No, the ones who do that stupid crap are your heroes, April.


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  4. d.g. says:

    As I have stated here before, the capital “C” crazies~ like those spewing ignorance and hate in these messages~ are easily identifiable. The Village Idiots, as it were, and their pointed little hats and pointed little rants make them nearly laughable. It is the silent hate that does the greatest percentage of damage. And this silent hate marched right into Downtown Missoula, garnered front-page, favorable publicity (potentially signing on many new members) and no one but I have said a thing about it. That would be the Mutual of Omaha “Aha” moment publicity recordings at Caras Park two weeks ago. It is disheartening that the quick (and correctly-punctuated) response team ventures out more readily when the transgressor is so idiotic as to be, essentially, mulishly moot. Pay them attention and they will come. Give Mutual of Omaha a pithy moment from your personal life to use in their slick attempts to do damage control for illegality, and you foster insidious hate at the billion-dollar level in perpetuity.


  5. Karl Gharst says:

    Thanks for taking my comments off your site. Jewish sodomite predators are well known for their criminal activity in all fields – like denying someone their right to defend themselves.


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