Big Gay Wedding

I’m in Connecticut for a big gay wedding in Hartford… Back Monday.
With pics!

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4 comments on “Big Gay Wedding

  1. Ted Hayes says:

    Are you and Ken making it legal? Sure hope so.


  2. d.g. says:

    Hell, Hellegaard is that rare “conservative” who is actually more “liberal” than the pretenders she sits with on Missoula City Council. Would Rye look Engen in the (shifty) eye and demand access to the entire city checkbook? No! Would Strohmaier buck MFCU and say “No” to the Baseball Boondoggle? No! Would the badly dressed Wiener explain his absurd non-sequitur about ashtrays in submarines? No! Lyn Hellegaard is more “liberal” than all three of these actors combined. So sad that bloggers D. Gregory Smith and others are caught up in the Equality Ordinance and actually have never noted that Hellegaard is more independent of monetary influence than ABSOLUTELY ANYONE ON THE ENTIRE COUNCIL.


    • Ok- point made. But did you really want to make it after this post? Should I move it to one more topical?
      And Caitlin Copple is extremely aware of monetary influence- and its deleterious effects on local politics- otherwise I wouldn’t recommend her.


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