2011 Election Results- An LGBT Glance

In State politics, candidates who favor inclusive policies for LGBT persons won seats on City Councils in Missoula and Helena. Caitlin Copple of Missoula and Katherine Haque-Hausrath of Helena both ran on inclusive policy platforms- and it didn’t seem to hurt their electability- although the races weren’t quite runaways.

Nationally, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force gives a great rundown:

Supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in Michigan’s Traverse City, workers’ rights in Ohio, women’s reproductive freedom in Mississippi, and voters’ rights in Maine were among those scoring big victories in the Nov. 8 election. The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force assisted in many of these efforts.

Full story here. 

But the best national rundown comes from Towleroad (which includes our own Caitlin Copple!):

Overall, LGBT candidates and causes scored huge wins in yesterday’s elections. Here’s a round-up of some of the highlights and stinkers. Apologies if I’ve missed any. Please add them in the comments section.

Read more: http://www.towleroad.com/2011/11/election-results-highlights-and-stinkers.html#ixzz1dEU0YpGV


4 comments on “2011 Election Results- An LGBT Glance

  1. […] Haque-Hausrath. Progressives also had major victories in Missoula including Caitlin Copple, as D. Gregory Smith at From Eternity to Here […]


  2. d.g. says:

    For quite some time I was sensibly impressed with the thoughtful commentary here by the “Rome-educated” D. Gregory Smith. I find now that there is a shallow vein of poor analysis undermining the ultimate credibility of the well-intentioned posts. “Too busy” to comment on the insidious arrival of Mutual of Omaha (with Higgins blanketed in palm branches); too busy to note that 3.2 million is too much to pay for a baseball stadium (while our working poor choose between prescription meds and X’mas gifts); too non-discerning to note that at no time in Dave Strohmaier’s career (*prior to is D.C.-aspirant campaign) did he ever speak out in favor of gays……I simply wonder if we aren’t being fooled by sophistry in social-activist clothing?


    • I find the time to comment on things I consider interesting and relevant. Because I do not choose to comment about things I don’t directly know about or share your strong feelings about makes me a Philistine?
      Fuck you…
      I have offered you space to write about this if you wish. Never accepted.
      I would suggest that you get your own blog- and quit assessing my inadequacies- which, I am very sure- are more numerous than you could ever imagine.


  3. dumbgay says:

    I would be careful to interpret these too much. Democrats and those interested in LGBT and progressive issues had issues close to their hearts on these ballots. Independents and conservatives really had none. An off-year election that people didn’t care about much unless they were liberal policy wonks swinging left because liberals were the majority of those caring enough to vote isn’t necessarily some ringing tide of future progressive policies in the state. Even in progressive Missoula, Caitlin only won by a few hundred votes. The fact that Caitlin and Bryce Bennett campaign in districts that went for Obama by as much as 1,500 votes now face margins as slim as dozens or a few hundred votes should give someone pause for what those results might look like in a more anticipated and watched national election.
    But congrats to the winners on their victories.


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