The “Right” Responds To MT ACLU Lawsuit

The mouthpiece of Denny Rehberg, Steve Daines and Corey Stapleton, Treasure State Politics, has reacted to the ACLU appeal for same sex domestic partnerships- and, as expected, it ain’t pretty.

In fact, it’s disgusting. Excerpt:

If the ACLU wins the suit, the legislature will be forced to create a law that ensures gay and lesbian couples are given the same rights as traditional couples. This potentially means a civil union, but to be truly treated the same they would have to be recognized as married individuals, clearly not what the people of Montana decided.

Moreover it opens the legal precedent to further compromise the sanctity of marriage in Montana. If being treated the same under the law means we must recognize gay and lesbian couples, we also must recognize polygamist marriages. If a church is willing to marry traditional couples in Montana, it could be required to marry gay and lesbian couples. But these are reasons Montanans already settled this issue in 2004.

Every Montanan has the same rights, as the constitution requires. I have the right to marry a member of the opposite sex, just as these couples do; and I have the right to be in a relationship, but not to marry, someone of the same sex, just as these couples do. There is no violation of equal treatment under the law. (emphases mine)

Gay and lesbian couples are openly- brazenly- derided as undeserving of equal rights and compared to polygamists. This is an ignorant, ridiculous piece, obviously written from a bigoted and fearful perspective. The writer  has inflamed the fears and prejudice existing in good people who may not know better- or who are entrenched in their fundamentalist beliefs.

That’s not only irresponsible, it’s despicable.

I am no threat to anyone’s marriage. My desire to commit to my partner for life is being dismissed as fundamentally invalid by people who have no possible right or understanding of my life, my biology, my spirituality, my thoughts and my emotions.

Moreover, they don’t want to even try.

They just want to frighten- and keep us unmarried, unrecognized, marginalized, sleazy and freakish in the minds of their constituents.

It’s at the root of all the anti-gay bigotry in the state. A spade is a spade.

I just wish they had the balls to admit it.



10 comments on “The “Right” Responds To MT ACLU Lawsuit

  1. gay marriage retains the hallmark characteristics of marriage – two people exclusive of others –

    unlike polygamy, gay marriage poses no burden on any segment of society,

    When Canada enacted gay marriage, there were safeguards in that no church could be sued or have a human rights complaint filed – religions were able to continue as they were, so the churches who weren’t inclusive could not be forced to perform the ceremonies and the churches that were willing are able to.

    This is a fair compromise.

    Polygamy raises issues that gay marriage does not.

    Such as employer benefits provided to employees –

    and polygamy makes death without a will far more complex, as well as do the wives vote for medical treatment for a comatose shared husband, or is there a primary wife? which raised all sort of inequality issues

    polygamy flies in the face of marriage

    gays do not


  2. dumbgay says:

    The blog you’re linking to appears to be a hodge-podge of 17-19 year old boys in Missoula. I’m surprised anyone even reads it. Sort of like Left in the West. 🙂


  3. Rextrek says:

    ..and in the meantime MT will remain a state in america to avoid like the plague, because of its blatant bigotry and discrimination…..


    • Oh, no- don’t avoid us- help us bring attention to the blatant bigotry on the part of MT GOP leadership !
      There are good people here, they’re just not informed.

      Avoiding us won’t help clean up this mess….


  4. madcorbin says:

    This is kind of astounding. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone against marriage equality admit that a marriage is inherently more equal than a civil union. Then they openly say certain people aren’t deserving of what they admit are *equal rights*. But then they turn around and say gay people already do have equal rights, because they can still marry people of the opposite gender. Just an incredible amount of cognitive dissonance packed in three paragraphs.


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