Discrimination In Helena: The Left-Handed And The Bald

You may remember Helena City Commissioner Dan Ellison’s flap over his “abstention” in the non-discrimination measure currently considered in Helena. In the Independent Record he ranted and squirmed publicly, comparing LGBTQ persons to the “bald and left-handed” in seeking protection from discrimination- while he unabashedly sought publicity at their expense.

First of all, WTF? This is the argument of an idiot, completely unaware of the difficulties LGBTQ persons face in this state- partly because of the ignorance of persons creating policy such as, say, Dan Ellison.

Second of all, the satire is deservedly starting. Helena Vigilante’s Shane Castle:

Fabulous! You can Email Mr Ellison here.  Maybe enlighten him a little.

One comment on “Discrimination In Helena: The Left-Handed And The Bald

  1. froggy12 says:

    Sigh…like the proverbial poor, Assaholics like Ellison, will always be with us. Can they be out sourced to Belarus or Sakhalin?


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