Tim Fox: Attorney Discriminatory

Correction: Fox will speak tomorrow (Friday)- my source incorrectly reported that he spoke today. Other than that, the story still stands. Unless Fox mentions the below. Then, of course, I’ll happily retract.

Today, Republican Attorney General Candidate Tim Fox spoke before the Montana Nonprofit Association.

And he spoke about work he’s done with nonprofit entities throughout the state.


Fox (Photo credit: this is for the birds)

Pretty normal, right?

Unfortunately though, he forgot to mention work he’s done for a few of his favorite non-profits. Discriminatory ones.

So, as a service to my readers I thought I’d elaborate a little bit on Fox’s non-profit experience.

First, and perhaps most notable is his work with the Montana Family Foundation. This is the group that recently hosted “Chick-fil-a Appreciation Day 2.0,” where they charged $20 for chicken sandwiches to support their anti-gay, anti-women and anti-choice mission. When they’re not serving chicken to show their hatred of gay people, they’re fighting to make sure LGBT people don’t get treated with dignity in the state. This is why Fox jumped at the opportunity to write an Amicus Brief for the organization in the Donaldson case that is currently before the Montana Supreme Court.

This case states that gays and lesbians are being discriminated against by the state because the state doesn’t provide any form of relationship recognition to these couples, despite the constitution’s equal protections clause. And yes- I’m clearly in support of the state losing this one….

In his Amicus Brief for the Family Foundation, Fox states that there can’t possibly be discrimination again against gays, because the President and the Congress have helped increase protections for LGBT people by repealing DADT and refusing to support the “Defense of Marriage Act.”

Yeah, right.

Somehow Fox forgot to mention that many of his supporters and sitting Republican legislators have maintained that in the state of Montana it is legal to imprison people simply for being gay.

An Attorney General ought to know these things, dontcha think?

Fox also forgot to mention that he defended the Canyon Ferry Baptist Church’s right to collect signatures to help ban marriage rights for LGBT people, despite the fact that they’re a tax-exempt organization.

One thing Fox did make clear at the forum today is that he feels so strongly about the missions of non-profit organizations like the Montana Family Foundation and the Canyon Ferry Baptist Church- and that he does all of his work for them for free.

LGBT Montanans and their allies have too much at stake right now to allow Tim Fox to become our next Attorney General. We’ve got momentum on our side, but if Fox is elected he’ll almost certainly attempt to stop any movement towards equality that we’ve been seeing.

And pardon my French, but that’s just too f%^&*!ng scary to let happen.
Pam Bucy’s my girl.

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  2. John says:

    I was at the Montana Nonprofit Association meeting today and Tim Fox didn’t speak. He’s actually scheduled to speak tomorrow morning. Am I missing something or did you just make all of this up?


  3. Danni says:

    So he’s this guy, the lawyer Koch funded bigots turn to to keep them hassle free as they push their barely legal hate speech on the rest of us–no thank you Tim Fox! Great post.


  4. Zoe says:

    I wished you would get your facts right! You left out the part that Lawyer Tim Fox, Alliance Defense Fund & others won the the 9th circuit court decision where Canyon Ferry Baptist won their case of Free Speech. Here is the link to the decision, http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-9th-circuit/1026912.html. Churches have the right to freedom of speech, assembly & religion too!

    You did apologized but your article says that Tim Fox said this & this today in the forum. How can you make up stuff that did not occur & the person you speak of did not say that. I will never believe anything you write on this blog ever again! I hope your readers do some research before taking what you say as the God given truth! This piece is what you call slanderous & you should be prosecuted for this.


    • Thank you for that gorgeous little rant!
      Who’s paying you?

      I’m prepared for this to fall on deaf ears, but my point (because obviously I have to explain this to you) was not that Fox did or did not win the case- it was that he defended something I see as discrimination.

      That is not slanderous- nor was anything in this piece. It’s all backed up by his record- and my facts are correct- I was simply misinformed about the timing of his speech. I don’t believe I am incorrect about the content- his record will bear that out.

      And nobody should take what I say as the God-given truth. That’s idolatry. This is opinion.
      Huge difference.

      Nice try, though.


      • David Hartz says:

        David Hartz says;

        Greg , thanks for the heads up on Tim Fox, he is indeed bad news as are The Montana
        Family Foundation and the Canyon Ferry Baptist church. I’m not planning to marry anybody in the future , but if I was it would be nice to know that my right to do that as an LGBT person would be
        protected and respected. As far as i’m concerned , Tim Fox is out and Pam Bucy is my girl also.
        The Montana Family Foundation and Jeff Lazloffy can put it where the sun doesn’t shine. NIce try
        Tim, fool me once shame on me , fool me twice, shame on you.


  5. mejustice says:

    What anyone is failing to see is that even if Pam Bucy wins it is all those county attorneys that would be prosecuting. Montana is a police state. Their plan is to lock up even more citizens, it’s all about business. I have been fighting this issue. Pam Bucy and Steve Bullock are both heavily funded by these people that want to lock everyone up that they can. They make big bucks off of this. Montana citizens need to become educated about this. The laws that MDOJ are asking for is only going to ensure that more are imprisoned. I don’t care if the politician is republican or democrat, it is morally wrong to imprison people just for the sake of profit. There is already a high incarceration rate per county, per 100,000 citizens. 454 citizens per 100,000….that is HIGH…higher than any other state around us. We have to fight this no matter who is elected. They are going to be locking people up over any little thing. Here is a link with the data:


  6. mejustice says:

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I have been observing both parties and where they stand on the issue of Montana laws. I have also advocated that they should not lock citizens up because of their choice of religion, sex or beliefs. I have stated this to both candidates including Tim Fox. Actually I would not be as worried about him as I would be about the ones that are being paid and led by the prisons for profit. I have been working hard on this cause. I do not cut anyone any slack, it does not matter what party they are for.


  7. David Hartz says:

    David Hartz says:

    Thanks for setting me straight on this issue, I thought we’d gotten past this issue but apparently we haven’t. I must be naive to think that we should be free to live the way we want to as long as we’re not infringing on anybody else’s rights . Why can’t people let us live in peace
    and have some semblance of decent , happy carefree lives without putting the fear of God Into us all the time.? Are their any candidates out there that are on our side? Who do you trust? I don’t know if I have faith in any of these politicians today. Even though the law has been found to be unconstitutional, the thought that we could be locked up for just being who we are is a scary one.
    I stand with you on this, we are good , worthy people, we do not deserve what they’d like to do to us we deserve much more and much better treatment than that.


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