Christmas Eve

The snow covers the sins of the world,
some say,
and the light slowly returns to the hemisphere I live in.

But the guns are not silenced,
the hungry not satisfied,
the angry not loved-
despite the peaceful heart,
the plentiful harvest,
the need to be understood-
despite the gospel of childhood that springs to life about now.

Maybe it is spite, after all, that is the enemy of all we love-
that stands in the way of love.



~D Gregory Smith

One comment on “Christmas Eve

  1. froggy12 says:

    But today I heard the mother of a 17 yr old autistic son relate how he wanted a carpentry set: hammer, nails, saw, wood and a drill for Christmas. So she got him a hammer, saw, wood and some nails but no drill, and put them in a carpenter’s tool box. On Christmas morning he opened his gift and was excited. And the mother said “autistic kids never hug” but he came over to her and embraced her tight and did so for about five minutes. She shed tears of joy this Christmas.

    And later he made a little table.

    I heard some wonderful stories of single parents and the unexpected joys they received this Christmas feast. Hopefully they will continue beyond the octave.



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