Interchange- A Festival Of Color

6cafa7f65ae286b6d782da379ac5af04Mark your calendars- because June is going to be a kick-ass month for Montanans into celebrating diversity and human rights!

Interchange is a festival conceived and created by the team who brought you Montana Pride 2012 and I’m proud to be a part of it. The lead on this is Tate Chamberlin- check out his video- it’s powerful:

When I was 15, I attempted suicide- a symptom, a statistic- of a social injustice. But I survived oppression with the hope of love. As we stand together and fight for equal rights, we look to one another for strength, support and power in numbers. Now as the tide turns our way, there is no turning back the power of history. With love and tears for all those who have suffered before us just wanting to be treated equal.

Listen closely. You are not sick, you are not a criminal. You are human, you are loved. You are not lambs- you are lions. It’s time to solve this. No more apologizing, no more hiding between pride and shame. We have to change us.

So Yeah. This is me. Might be you.
No more hiding- No more fear.
This is me.
I tried to kill it. I tried to hide it.
I’m not alone.
This is me. This is you.
This is us.
It’s time to get social.

Please share this.

-Tate Chamberlin

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