A Poem for Daniel Berrigan, SJ

The love of justice and mercy
are inseparable.
The God of Justice and the God of Mercy
are one and the same.

And so,
put on your coat and shoes
to meet
the many kinds of people
that God is in love with-
and know
they may not know it yet.

Be kind and gentle
with the radical and jarring news
of a love beyond imagining.

Because this people may not be able
to see or hear or feel
because of their pain,
be gentle-
yet firm-
with the shocking
good news
of this active and radical love.

~D Gregory Smith

2 comments on “A Poem for Daniel Berrigan, SJ

  1. Kirsten Hangas says:

    Beautiful tribute!

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  2. Rudolph Bullman says:

    I like this–a lot! Thank you for sharing!

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