Hate takes us down.
Hate takes us down all the time.
But if your hate takes me down,
it’s a very slippery slope.

If your hate takes me down
the people who see it
will be offended,
they will be motivated,
they will be ready-
for, that hate which takes me down
will not
take down the people
who love me.
The hate that takes me down
will raise me up higher
than you could ever believe.

And that’s the paradox.
You may hate me.
You may loathe me.
But when you take me down
and make me part
of your hate
it becomes something bigger
than just you and me.

It makes me immortal.

You and your hateful life will die.

In the end, hate gives you what you hate.
It is useless.

But not so Immortality.
Eternity is freedom from fear,
freedom from hate-
knowing that I am always safe-
even should I die.

One comment on “ETERNITY

  1. d.g. says:

    Perhaps it is the stylistically truncated phrasing, but the line: “You and your hateful life will die” (while in this specific referential context perhaps metaphysically ‘true’) smacks a little of omniscient self-satisfaction (if not actual revenge!) and the resultant tone of the piece belies the author’s more characteristic moralistic neutrality.


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