Adventure In Missoula


Yesterday, I headed over to Missoula to participate in the Men’s Group at the WMGLCC which is sponsored by the Montana Gay Men’s Task Force. I also had some estate sale stuff to drop off with Tim Gordon.

Everything was going great. I got the art dropped off, shared a Starbuck’s moment with Tim and Amy and went to get in my car to head to the meeting. The key went into the ignition- but wouldn’t turn. Not after 20 minutes of trying and being on the phone with my brother, the Ford expert. I finally called AAA and got a tow from a very nice Driver named Ben from Red’s Towing. At Bitterroot Motors, they were great. Couldn’t fix the car until the morning, but David Herrera swooped in, picked me up and took me to the group. We had a great evening- I presented on gay men and mental health issues, and the guys really participated.

Today, I got the call that the car was fixed while having coffee with my lovely friend Bernie, so off I go. I pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege to drive my car home and whew- another adventure behind me! And I stayed calm and stress-free the whole time….

Oh, and I didn’t have internet, so that’s why there wasn’t a post yesterday. BUT, I’m working on something I think you’ll really like.

Stay tuned.