Romnesia Affects Ann, Too





There’s been a bit of an exchange in the comments on my post Being Gay IS a Choice in the last few weeks. I loved the dialog, but was increasingly bothered by the intolerant intransigence of one of the commenters. I felt that the comments were not in keeping with the theme of this site. It became not a forum to increase understanding, but a soapbox.

That doesn’t work for me.

As a result, I have decided to moderate all the comments on this site (you can read my response in the thread at the bottom of the post linked above). I still encourage comments here, but I guess I need to decide if the content fits in with my vision here. I will probably hear cries of “Discrimination!” and “Censorship!”, but that’s okay. My goal is understanding, education, awareness and a bit of silliness- not judgment, anger or proselytizing.