Tiny Westboro Baptist Church Protest Fails Hilariously In Montana, Sparks Huge Pro-LGBT Rally

From the Huffington Post:

In what has become something of a regular occurrence, a small protest attempt by anti-gay extremists of the Westboro Baptist Church on Monday succeeded only in giving rise to a much larger counter-demonstration based on tolerance, LGBT rights and ice cream.

About five members of the Kansas-based congregation showed up in Bozeman, Mont.to picket Montana State University and a local high school over their commitment to teaching students that it is okay to be gay. While the tiny group could have gone unnoticed on its own, their presence brought a much larger spectacle — hundreds of people unified against the Westboro Baptist Church’s message of hate.

Proud of my town- I was unable to be there, but I can’t say enough about the love and support that was shown. I believe that every challenge deserves a thoughtful response- and we had one.



Sunday Signs 5/29/11

This one comes from rockin’ reader Sara in response to my previous post and was taken at the Pear Blossom Parade in Medford OR:

It says:” Just another SMALL TOWN church-goin’, Oregon-lovin’ DYKE.”

Anyone else have some cool rural Pride pics? send ’em to me at Dgsma@hotmail.com


Signs On Sunday -Bathroom Edition

This is getting fun! I’m getting some hot tips and hysterical photos. First up from World Of Wonder:

Baby Fail

















The next comes from reader Mark:





Send yours in to me at Dgsma@hotmail.com and put “Sunday Signs” in the subject line.

Sunday Sign

I’m going to start a new feature on FETH- Signs On Sunday. I’ve put up a few here and there over the years, but there seems to be so many witty, illiterate, ironic, unintentionally risque’ and just plain funny public notices. You’ve probably seen at least three this week. Now I’m going to give you a chance to share this with the world, so get out your cameras and record a sign for posterity!

Email them to me at Dgsma@hotmail.comand put Sunday Sign in the subject line. Please include at least your first name and the location of the sign (City, state, country, etc.) I’ll assume the public nature of the sign for legality of publishing.

Have fun! Here’s one of my favorites:

Reminds me of the motto of my little group in the seminary: “Fake right, go left”….