Who’s Your Princess?

All right, I caved.

I’m writing from the Calgary kitchen of Nicole Pomeroy, Princess Extraordinaire and Friend of my Heart.
She’s still sleeping.

I had to write, because we were up till well after 3 catching up and I feel so excellent this morning (okay, I have a headache, but how could I NOT have a couple of Tangueray and Tonics- I’m on vacation). I feel excellent, because I spent last night talking to someone who gets me- and vice-versa- in a way nobody else does. We laughed and cried and talked and smiled and just basked in each other’s presence. No way I’m letting another year and a half pass before we see each other again.

I’m writing, because Nicole is important on a number of levels, but I think the most significant for me is this: despite all the shit I’ve been through and put people through, she never wavered. She always believed in me- when other friends didn’t, even when I couldn’t or wouldn’t believe in my self.  She showed me that it was not only possible to do so- even in the midst of excruciating emotional and physical pain , it was vitally important. She was the rock I tied my lifeline to- and last night I was reminded why.

Because I would do exactly the same thing for her.
And we both know that.