Calgary Recovery

…I needed that. The vacay and the recovery time.

I’ll say one thing, Nicole and I didn’t let too many blades of grass grow under our feet. We had meals at Blink (where Nicole works), Petite, crepes at The Calgary Farmer’s Market, tapas at Jaroblue, lunch at Sky 360 in The Calgary Tower, oysters and Champagne at Raw Bar, drinks at Earl’s (not our first choice, but it was cold out), Local 510 (We were freezing. There was a line. I told a filthy joke to the doormen- they let us right in), and went dancing at The Mercury Lounge with Nicole’s friends Jonathan, Razor, Gas, Brent, Luke and TJ (we lost Brent and Luke somewhere).

All in the space of three days. Oh, and there was a house party in there somewhere- and shopping.

So much fun- so this is a mini recommendation- all of these places worked for us, check them out if you’re ever there….

At Raw Bar, Calgary, self-portrait