Checking In

Things are slowly normalizing for me. I’ve stopped looking for Sars’ oxygen hose in the hallway- sleeping without the familiar sound of the oxygen machine outside my bedroom door, etc. Today I’m going to start thank you notes and finalize the headstone….

Thank you for all the messages of love and support. I’m very grateful for all of you.

I hope to get back to a regular writing schedule soon, but will post when I can. Till next time, here’s a pic of me and Ken before the funeral…

Greg and Ken

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  1. George says:



  2. George says:

    “he didn’t wait for the storm to pass, he danced in the rain”

    Then you will learn not to anticipate a cough, or other signs of what was, wondering if something might wake or disturb, listen at the door for the unusual. Your life starts to return to what was once normal, all things considered, but every now and then “I have to tell him….Oh, I can’t” and you pause.

    At least you said “goodbye” unlike some others in other places, who keep asking “why?” Does God really underestand a disturbed mind?



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