So Many Thoughts

…in the aftermath of grief (does it ever really end?). I often find myself looking blankly for indeterminate lengths of time, thinking about things that are no longer relevant- just for the pleasure of the memory, and trying very hard to not be a drag… but honestly, I feel pretty okay. Just more sad than usual. And that’s temporary, too.

For sharing:

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,

Love is knowing I am everything,

And in between the two

my life moves.

~Nisargadatta Maharaj

One comment on “So Many Thoughts

  1. George says:

    Why must there be a time limit?
    Why do we fear memento mori?

    and of course Madre Teresa (of Avila) said “Lord, from sour faced saints, save us.” I paraphrase of course.

    But to quote the venerable Mirabiledictuhieronymus of Memphis (TN):
    “quis scit, y’all?”

    gg, back from Maine and full of clam piss.
    (Tiens, quelle delicatesse, monsieur!)


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